Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What an exciting season for music. And it starts with the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. Can I just say how completely happy I am that they took their ol' dancey ambiance and incorporated into this epic sounding, synth infused record? So great. To me, it's like The Killers' "Human" but more faster and it's got do you say...epic positivity to it? "Heads Will Roll"; great song. Show Your Bones was a good album, but it was dying down and steering away from the fun-ness of Fever to Tell (much like Kings of Leon after Aha Shake Heartbreak). I thought their EP Is Is was gonna go back to their raunchy, gritty dancey art punk sound, but it was even more drab than Show Your Bones. But YES! It's Blitz brings it back full force and then some! I just hope that next time I hit the dancefloor that Zero will be kicking my ass.

A few other albums I've been shakin' my shoes to are: Franz Ferdinand's Tonight and Dananananaykroyd's EPs. All this talk is giving me ants in my pants and it makes me wanna dance. Let's go prissy prancin' mah babies.