Monday, February 16, 2009

...Like There's No Tomorrow

Yeah! I got a crazy idea folks! You wanna hear it? Let's "live life like there's no tomorrow"! How about it? Who's in? You in? Fuck yeah!

How about, no. How about you just say that you "live life like there's no tomorrow" and still stay the same mundane boring ass person that you originally were. You ever get that? People that you meet or know and they say "yeah man, totally live life like you're gonna die tomorrow, cuz' you never know when your time is up!" Have you ever observed these people? Like follow them around on the weekdays (I know, that's kind of creepy, but I'm trying to prove a point here)? You ever see what they do? Yeah, all they do is wake up, go to school or work and that's it. Doesn't really sound like you're living life to me, Bro/braseph. Sounds like you're just like everybody else in this world who has a routine.

I find that people who say these things are usually people who believe they're edgy. That they have something "different" to say. Or maybe that they try to be different and say the most "edgiest" thing they can think of, and that would be the aforementioned mantra of the day. But in all actuality, these people are just as boring as the next person. You don't see them going bungee jumping, or skydiving or doing some type of life-endangering activity that will make you feel alive. All they do is just get completely shit-faced at some party, wake up the next day and say "man, I got so smashed last night" while thinking "so...did I really live life last night or what?"

Stop saying these things, you assholes. If you're gonna live, just fucking live. You don't need to proclaim that you're more crazier than the next person. Just do it. Besides, by you saying those words is like saying "hey, look at me, I'm fuckin' nutballzzz and I don't care about common daily life cuz' I'm above that you washed up hippies with your routines and chores!" Live life for yourself is what I'm saying. By you saying those things just shows that you're nothing. You're scared of being yourself. You're scared of what people might think of you if you don't say anything. Fuck 'em. You wanna be edgy? You wanna be something? Be you. Don't try to be like everybody else who's "living life to the fullest". Live YOUR life. How YOU want to do it. And if you die tomorrow, so be it. You can't anticipate what's coming around the corner. It's your life people, it's too short to try to be like someone else.

Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go "party like a rockstar". Man, I hate that phrase...that will be for another topic in the near future. Haha.


SuzANNE said...

Clich├ęs leave an ugly taste in my mouth. It's like brushing your teeth with generic toothpaste. You just don't do it.

I love when people misinterpret 'live your life to the fullest', everyone knows that moderation is your salvation.

Eric Shonkwiler said...

God, I've got a tube of generic toothpaste I'm wearing down right now. Jesus, that shit is awful. I often wake up in the morning, stare at the tube, and think, "how the fuck can I live life to the fullest with this Meijer brand chalk? I need me some Abercrombie toothpaste. Dawg."